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Delta County, Colorado
Name Latitude Longitude Elev USGS Quad Map Comments
Austin 384652N 1075703W 5043 Orchard City 5 miles SE of Orchard City
Bowie 385517N 1073224W 5964 Bowie formerly Reading, coal camp
Bridgeport The town of Bridgeport, Colorado was located at the northwest corner of Delta county just before the Mesa county line. The town of Bridgeport no longer exists.
Brimstone Corner 385617N 1075831W 6486 Cedaredge
Broughton 384848N 1081937W 4767 Dominguez
Cedaredge 385406N 1075535W 6230 Cedaredge
Chipeta 384052N 1080032W 5151 Delta 7 miles SE of Delta, ghost town
Coburn 385048N 1073809W 5545 Hotchkiss 2 miles SW of Paonia
Colby 385554N 1075831W 6361 Cedaredge
Cory 384717N 1075914W 5187 Orchard City
Cory Station aka Reading P.O., 2 miles NE of Austin, ghost town
Crawford 384214N 1073632W 6558 Crawford
Cross Tie Circa 1887, 6 mi NW of Delta, ghost town
Delta 384432N 1080408W 4957 Delta Circa 1882, formerly Uncompahgre, county seat
Dominguez 384750N 1081920W 4783 Dominguez Circa 1887, 14 miles NW of Delta, ghost town
Eckert 385034N 1075746W 5568 Eckert 2 miles N of Orchard City
Escalante 384528N 1081542W 4833 Escalante 9 miles NW of Delta, ghost town
Grand Mesa 390225N 1075659W 10148 Grand Mesa On Hwy 65 near Mesa County line
Hotchkiss 384759N 1074310W 5331 Hotchkiss established 1881
Huff 384525N 1081522W 4833 Dominguez
Juanita Junction 385529N 1073141W 5922 Bowie
Keyhole 384135N 1081832W 5335 Good Point
Land's End circa 1887, near Crawford, ghost town
Lazear 384648N 1074654W 5446 Lazear 4 miles W of Hotchkiss
Marion circa 1887, between Cory and Austin, ghost town
North Delta 384531N 1080409W 4938 North Delta
Orchard City 384942N 1075815W 5446 Orchard City nicknamed the Fruit Bowl
Paonia 385206N 1073531W 5682 Paonia spanish word for Peony
Payne 384806N 1075407W 5279 Payne 6 miles E of Austin
Peeples 384919N 1082030W 4780 Dominguez
Read 384558N 1075834W 5003 Orchard City 4 miles SE of Orchard City
Reading aka Cory Station
Rogers Mesa 384645N 1074735W 5426 Lazear N of Lazear, ghost town
Roubideau 384408N 1080902W 4885 Roubideau circa 1887, NW of Delta, railroad siding, ghost town
Saunders 384537N 1080036W 4993 North Delta
Saxton 384606N 1075817W 5007 Orchard City
Stratter between Escalante & Cross Tie, ghost town
Suttle 12 miles NE of Cedaredge, ghost town
Uncompahgre Now called Delta
Ward Lake 390210N 1075831W 10157 Grand Mesa Ranger Station


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