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Delta County, Colorado
1950 - Letters From Home

Submitted by Anna Rodriguez,  Feb 2004

Here are two letters and one postcard. They were found in the rafters of the house on 1390 E. 3rd. St. Mattie Lou Young was Edd Leonard's wife, but I'm not sure why she uses her maiden name in these letters. I was thinking they were already married by this time.

The letters are addressed to Bridgeport, which is also the name of a current road (west of Hwy. 50 and south of Whitewater) leading to Dominguez Canyon. I can only guess that Edd was working on roads, a bridge, ranch, or something of the sort.  Anna Rodriguez [prodrigu @] (remove spaces)

Letter #1 Postmarked June 8, 1950 from Delta, Colorado
Stamp Price - 3 cents

From: Mattie Lou Young
Route #2 Box 139
Delta, Colorado

To: Edd Leonard
Bridgeport, Colorado

June 7, 1950

Dear Edd,
Well I certainly was surprised to hear from you!!!

Luanna said that it takes quite a while to get letters down there, but I will mail this in the morning and maybe youíll get it Saturday. If you donít come in this Saturday and if you do come in next Saturday, I wonít get to see you because I am leaving next Wednesday (the 14th) for Colorado Springs for Rainbow Grand Assembly. I think Luanna is going too.

My mother went to Ouray today so Luanna and I stayed at the store all day - more fun - ha!
We sure did have a wind storm today. The dust was so thick you couldnít hardly see. I went over to Luannaís for dinner and I had to drive with my lights on. Did the wind blow there?

Boy, this town is certainly dull!!! Luanna and Bonny and Pat and I went swimming Sunday. Monday night we went to Rainbow. That is all that happened this week. Doesnít that sound exciting?? I donít think so either. Oh, yes, Mom and I went to the show Tuesday. Pretty good.

We saw Mr. Wiley today and he said that Don got a job and they were leaving tomorrow. So...... I suppose if Don goes to work he wonít be a able to come and get you. Darn!

If you get this letter Saturday, and if you donít come in. I wish you would write as soon as you can (if you have time) so I will get it before I go to Colorado Springs.

Iíll write to you from Colorado Springs if I have time (If I donít have time, Iíll make time!!) Iíll be home from C.S. the 18th.

I sure hope you can come in this Saturday! If not Iíll see you after I get home.

By (Bye) for Now
Write Real Soon!
Mattie Lou

Letter #2 Postmarked June 15, 1950 from Colorado Springs, CO
Stamp Price - 6 cents

From: Mattie Lou Young
Hotel Joyce, Colorado Springs, CO

To: Edd Leonard
Bridgeport, Colorado (Post Office crossed out Bridgeport and write ďTry WhitewaterĒ)

June 14, 1950

Dear Edd,

Well here I am in the Springs. I got your letter yesterday evening and I had to go to Rainbow and it was pretty late before I got home so therefore I didnít have time to write. This is pretty sloppy as I am in the bed. We have had a lot of fun so far. We got here about 6:15.

We are going to Denver tomorrow, as we donít have anything to do until 7:00 tomorrow.
I donít have much time as there are five of us in this room and you have to do just about what the other guy wants. I will send a card later when I have more time.

I will be home Sunday evening.

See you soon - I hope. Send my mail home, answer soon!

Lots of Love,
Mattie Lou
I donít think you or your letters are dull at all!!!

Postcard Postmarked June 16, 1950 from Colorado Springs, CO
Stamp Price - 1 cent

From: Mattie Lou Young

To: Edd Leonard
Bridgeport, Colorado (Post Office crossed out Bridgeport and write ďTry WhitewaterĒ)

Well Hi,
Had a free minute so I thought Iíd write. Hope you can read it! We went to Denver yesterday. To the show last night. Iíll tell you all about it when I get home. See you soon.


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