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Delta County, Colorado

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Robert S Acker Delta A5
Wesley H Acker Delta A4
Arthur T Adams Delta A3
Carl H Adams Paonia B3
Charles J Adams Delta A13
Ray C Adams Paonia A18
Raymond M Adams Delta A2
Franklin E Akenman Crawford B1
Samuel E Alderson Paonia AE1
Hugh A Alexander Delta A12
Alten G Allen Hotchkiss A19
Douglas Allen Hotchkiss B5
Thomas Allen Hotchkiss A15
Hugh S Allison Paonia A16
Otto Anderson Bowie A8
Robert Anderson Cederedge A9
Victor Anderson Crawford B2
Waino Anderson Bowie A10
Raymond D Angel Delta A11
James W Annand Hotchkiss A6
Percy W Annand Hotchkiss A7
Sidney J Artt Austin A20
William P Athey Delta A1
Pete Atkins Paonia A17
Oscar H Austin Lazear A14
Keith E Bailey Eckert C2
Neil P Bailey Eckert B4
Neil P Bailey Eckert C1
Byran Lee Baldwin Austin D2
Wallace Wesley Baldwin Delta D7
Harry Glenn Ball Delta C3
Clinton Barker Delta E4
Carl Barnie Hotchkiss C4
Jesse J Barrow Hotchkiss C5
Ollie A Bates Paonia E3
Frank D Batteiger Delta D18
Ralph Batting Paonia E6
Edmond Lee Beachman Hotchkiss E12
    Son of Lee and Eva Beachman of Hotchkiss, Colorado; born September 8th, 1895; entered the service at Camp Fremont, California, August 7th, 1918; discharged at the station of entering service, September 1st, 1918.
William R Beachman Hotchkiss E13
    Private First Class, 118th Infantry, 30th Division; son of Lee and Eva Beachman of Hotchkiss, Colorado; born August 9th 1893; entered the service at Camp Cody, New Mexico, June 28th, 1918; landed overseas in October 1918; fought at Ypres, Belgium; discharged at Camp Funston, Kansas, April 29th, 1919.
Wendel Bechtel Delta D17
    Field Hospital Unit No. 16; son of Rev. and Mrs. Philip Bechel; entered the service at Fort Riley, Kansas, May 1917; left for France January, 1918; in active service with his organization on several fronts in France; with the Army of Occupation at Enger Am Rhine, Germany
C Beckley Delta C7
James C Beckley Delta C6
Thomas M Beckman Cederedge B11

Private, 136th Infantry, 36th Division; son of J. W. and Anna Beckman, of Cedaredge, Colorado; born January 29th, 1896; entered the service at Camp Cody, New Mexico, June 30th, 1918; discharged February 11th, 1919 at Fort Bliss, Texas.

Roy J Beebe Eckert AD20
Herald William Beltz Delta C8
Hartsel Fillmore Benefiel Austin E8
Chas. Edgar Bennett Read D6
Harry C Bennett Delta D3
Peter T Berninger Eckert B6
Gustavis A Billstrom Read E7
James W Bingham Delta E11
Charles Ono Blackburn Delta D12
Melton C Blackburn Delta C9
Thurman Blackburn Delta E14
John D Blackwell Hotchkiss D9
Lloyd C Blackwell Hotchkiss C10
Charles E Blaine Delta E1
Ben Blumberg Delta E15
Louis C Bolton Cederedge E5
Aubrey Bonnett Delta E9
John C Boone Delta C11
Corwin C Border Delta D15
John Bostrom Delta B7
Vert C Bowen Hotchkiss B14
Duncan C Bowerman Cederedge B13
Ira Bowerman Cederedge D1
Clement A Bowle Austin C12
James E Bradshaw Crawford B17
Charles M Brady Paonia D16
Charles W Brandt Cederedge C13
Harlan R Brandt Cederedge B8
Paul L Brattain Delta C14
Charles H Brewer Crawford E10
Edgar H Brewer Crawford D20
Robert Ernest Briggs Cederedge B15
Charles A Brockway Cederedge B12
John Marion Brower Delta D19
Felder Squire Brown Austin D5
Otto W Brown Cederedge D8
George H Bruce Delta D13
John Grant Bruce Paonia AE2
Norval S Bruce Paonia C15
Guy Ivan Bruner Austin B18
Guy C Bruner Paonia C16
Guy Ivan Bruner Austin J8
Vern E Bruner Austin B9
John Bruton Delta D14
William Jennings Bryan Reeder Crawford W6
Ernest Atwood Bull Cederedge C18
Barry L Bunker Cederedge B20
Samuel Steeele Burgin Delta D4
Lester Wilbert Burns Delta E2
Frank R Burritt Cederedge D11
Hiram Ray Burritt Cederedge C19
James Wesley Busby Crawford C20
Vernon L Butchie Paonia C17
Alvin B Butler Delta B19
George A Buzzard Cederedge B16
Ray Buzzard Cederedge B10
Joseph A Cade Delta G10
Everett M Caldwell Crawford F13
Kenneth Campbell Delta G17
Mitchell Fillmore Campbell Paonia F6
Robert E Campbell Hotchkiss F3
Carl C Carmichael Olathe G14
Ross C Carmichael Cederedge G15
Fred H Carnine Paonia AE3
Ernest Edward Carr Hotchkiss F1
John J Carr Hotchkiss F14
Charles E Carvelle Crawford G8
Newton R Case Hotchkiss F12
Amos Albert Casebier Delta G1
Homer Calvin Casebier Delta G2
George R Castle Delta E16
William Albert Chipperfield Delta G20
    Corporal, 27th Company, 166th Depot Brigade; born at Beatrice, Nebraska in 1893; entered the service at Fort George Wright, Washington, July 15th, 1917; sailed from the United States September 10th, 1917; member of American Expeditionary forces from September 10th, 1917 to February 9th, 1919; discharged at Camp Lewis, Washington, February 11th, 1919.
Chester Clark Crawford G12
Harold W Clark Paonia F7
Leonard Clark Cederedge F10
Everett Clark Paonia F9
Bertie F Clarke Delta F8
W S Cleland, Dr. Delta F16
Norman Gilbert Cobbett Cederedge G7
William Arthur Cobbett Cederedge G6
Boyd E Coffey Delta G5
Frank B Collins Crawford AD19
Charles LeRoy Compton Lazear G16
DeBaun H Conine Paonia E20
John Aubrey Conine Paonia F17
A. Bee Converse Paonia F11
Lee L Converse Paonia F18
Ralph T Cook Delta F19
Albert Cooper Crawford F5
George B Cooper Cederedge G18
W. Claude Copeland Hotchkiss H2
Frank Milton Coryell Cederedge G19
Oscar Aven Cotton Crawford F4
Charles L Cowdrey Delta G3
Roy Elmer Cowdrey Delta G4
Will J Cowley Crawford G9
Elbert G Crim Read F15
Garden C Crim Read F2
Nelson L Crim Read E19
Walter H Criswell Paonia G11
Ernest Alfred Cuaz Paonia F20
Charles B Culver Hotchkiss E18
Cleo Culver Hotchkiss E17
William R Cunningham Read G13
Wilson Curtis Paonia H1
William E Daughenbaugh Paonia H3
Alfred E Davis Paonia H12
Floyd W Davis Delta H9
    Mechanic, Company E, 308th Infantry, 77th Division; son of T. P. and Jennie L. Davis, of Delta, Colorado; born at West Plaines, Missouri, on November 26th, 1894; entered the service at Camp Cody, New Mexico May 26th 1918; landed in France October 29th, 1918; to Mechanic August 21st, 1918; discharged at Fort D. A. Russell, Wyoming, May 22nd, 1919.
Francis H Davis Hotchkiss H10
Hugh V Davis Delta H7
    Private, Headquarters Company, 162nd Infantry, 41st Division; son of Theodore P. and Jennie L. Davis of Delta, Colorado; born March 3rd, 1897; entered the service at Fort Logan, Colorado, August 6th 1918; stationed at Contres, France, from September 23rd, 1918 until February 19th, 1919; discharged at Fort Logan, Colorado,, March 8th, 1919.
Leonard L Davis Hotchkiss H8
Roy M Davis Paonia H11
William J Davis Delta H6
James Parker Deatherage Paonia I5
Robert Decker Paonia I16
Wallace Decker Paonia I15
William P Decker Read I14
James C Denny Paonia H4
Herbert Harding Deutsch Crawford AD18
John D DeWitt Hotchkiss H5
Fred E Dickerson Delta I1
James Edward Dickerson Crawford I8
Alexander C Dix Cederedge I13
Frank W Dodge Hotchkiss H15
Arthur Dohl Paonia H19
Edward Dohl Paonia H20
Hugh Dorsey Delta I12
John P Doyle Delta I9
Peter E Doyle Read I10
John A Duer Delta I6
George H Duke Hotchkiss H18
Homer A Duke Hotchkiss H17
Harry E Duling Delta H16
Chester Duncan Read I3
Ernest Duncan Read I4
George M Duncan Read I2
Clayton I Dunham Read H14
Merton E Dunham Read H13
John C Dunn Lazear I7
Athur W Durkin Hotchkiss I11
John Ivan Earp Austin AE4
Jesse V Eavenson Cederedge J10
Joseph W Eavenson Cederedge J11
Frederick Adolph Eberly Delta J12
Arthur A Ebersol Paonia J1
Henry L Eckert Cederedge J14
Chester Lloyd Edie Delta I18
Merle Edie Delta I17
Carl Edwards Delta D10
Glenn G Ellington Hotchkiss J6
Sidney Ellington Hotchkiss J5
William S Ellingwood Delta I20
Homer F Elliott Eckert J9
Carl William Ensign Delta J13
Gus DeWitt Ensley Read J15
Elmer Frank Epps Hotchkiss J3
Louis Merton Epps Hotchkiss J2
Roy Melvin Epps Hotchkiss J4
A F Erich, Dr. Paonia I19
Ray Ewing Paonia J7
Charles Nutter Fairlamb Delta J16
Ellison Farmer Delta L1
Floyd J Farmer Austin L2
Andy Feil Read K11
Gordon Feldman Paonia K5
James F Fickes Cederedge K3
Otis Filener Cederedge K16
Ray Filener Crawford K15
Charles DeWitt Finn Hotchkiss K8
George Windell Finn Hotchkiss J19
Leander Charles Fisher Delta K12
Robert Irving Fisher Delta K13
Merrill Flint c K4
Delbert Flores Delta J18
Charles E Fobare Hotchkiss K9
Albert Noble Fogg Cederedge J17
John E Forrest Eckert K1
Blaine W Foster Paonia K7
Dwight K Foster Paonia K20
Charles C Frady Delta K2
William B Frahm Hotchkiss K6
Fay Franklin Cederedge K19
John W Franklin Cederedge K18
H L Franklin Dr. Cederedge K17
Frederick Spencer Frary Austin J20
Elijah Frogue Delta K14
Vernon Fuller Bowie K10
Edgar H Gale Delta M10
Montford Gallup Delta L6
Percy F Garton Delta M12
Percy H Gelwicks Hotchkiss M9
Lloyd R Geslin Delta M2
Arthur T Gibbs Cederedge L20
Leland J Gibson Delta L10
Donald Gifford Delta M1
Carl Gilbert Delta M14
Charles Wesley Gilbert Delta AE5
Jack Gill Delta L14
Guilford Gipe Cederedge L12
    Private, entered the service in April, 1918, at Delta, Colorado, going to Kelly Field, Texas; born at Alma, Nebraska, March 27th, 1895; son of George and Ella Gipe, (deceased) of Cedaredge, Colorado; discharged at Fort Baird, New Mexico, in May of 1919. 
Reuben G Gipe Cederedge L13
    Private First Class, Military Police of the 10th Division; son of Gart and Elizabeth Gipe of Cedaredge, Colorado; born August 7th, 1892; entered the service October 3rd, 1917 at Camp Funston, Kansas; discharged at the place of entering service, February 4th, 1919.
William Girardet Crawford AE6
Robert Girling Lazear L18
Royden G Girling Lazear L19
George Surville Goodenow Paonia M3
Wallace G Goodwin Crawford L11
Claude Graham Delta L5
John A Graham Delta L4
W R Graham Delta L3
Theodore Greenlee Delta L7
Harry H Gregg Delta M8
Clarence Gregory Crawford M6
Fred Gregory Paonia M7
Clyde Arthur Grier Hotchkiss M11
Robert Orman Griffin Delta M5
Kean Griffith Cory L17
Gilbert H Groves Crawford L8
Frederick T Grow Austin L16
Robert C Grow Austin L15
Paul H Grunig Hotchkiss M13
Glenn Oliver Gum Hotchkiss M4
Clarence Gunsolus Delta L9
Charles E Haines Hotchkiss N2
Charles Floyd Hall Austin O16
Clarence E Hall Cederedge O17
Dummis Hall Eckert N1
Everett O Hamm Delta N7
Earl G Hammock Cederedge M19
Donald B Hammond Paonia N5
Jesse C Hann Delta N18
Arthur LeRoy Harbour Paonia O7
James E Harding Paonia V7
John Harding Paonia V6
LeRoy Clarence Harding Hotchkiss V5
Raymond L Harding Hotchkiss V4
Wednel P Harding Delta V3
Charles P Harshman Cory N8
James Kennicott Hart Cederedge O2
Elwood Harvey Delta O19
Arnie Hawkins Cederedge O13
Charles P Hawkins Cederedge O11
Emmett W Hawkins Cederedge O14
John A Hazelett Delta N4
Henry Hazlett Paonia V1
John S Head Paonia V2
Isaac J Heater Delta O9
Donald Heddles Paonia AD17
Sergeant, Headquarters Company, 1st Infantry; son of Frank and Grace Heddles of Paonia, Colorado; born April 2nd, 1898 at Erenville, Wisconsin; entered the service October 3rd, 1918; to Sergeant November 11th, 1918; discharged December 17th, 1918; at Madison Scott, Wisconsin.
Clarence Earl Hefley Hotchkiss AD16
W Claude Hefley Cederedge N13
Lester R Helland Cederedge O4
Harry Helmick Delta N10
Jesse D Helmick Delta N9
Willard D Helmke Delta V8
Frank B Henderickson Delta N6
William Robert Henderson Delta N12
S Chester Henn, Jr. Paonia N20
Fred Allison Henney Delta N16
Franklin Alvin Henney Dr. Delta N17
Merrill Eugene Henry Paonia N15
Nemecio Herrea Delta O5
Wayne J Heter Paonia N11
Lawrence L Hick Delta M16
John F Hill Paonia M18
Herbert R Hillman Delta M20
Dale Durkee Hinman Austin N19
Earl L Hockett Delta V9
John J Hofer Paonia O8
Guy Kenmore Holdregde Paonia O18
Elmer Holman Delta M17
Charlie E Hood Cederedge O6
Edmund M Horn Delta N14
    Private, Company D, 145th Infantry, 35th Division; son of George and Rachael A. Horn of Delta, Colorado; born February 28th 1888; entered the service at Camp Funston, Kansas, September 18th, 1917; landed overseas in March, 1918; took part in the action during the German drive on Verdun, France; wounded during the battle of Argonne Forest, France; discharged at Camp Funston, Kansas, May 1st, 1919.
Stanley W Hotchkiss Delta O15
Curtis Surville Hough Cederedge O3
Albert J Howard Paonia N3
William Alonzo Huff Cory O12
Clyde Elmer Hull Delta O10
Charles A Hurst Hotchkiss O1
Herbert Husted Paonia O20
Robert Husted Paonia M15
Virgil Irvin Eckert AD14
John Isom Hotchkiss V10
Leo Clarence Jackisch Cedaredge V11
Cecil Jackson Cedaredge V15
Edward B Jacobs Delta V16
George Jacobs Delta V20
Donald P Jenson Hotchkiss V12
Roy D Johnson Hotchkiss V19
Mathews James Johnston Delta V17
Will R Johnston Paonia V18
Clinton L Jones Delta V13
Lee E Jones Delta V14
Ward B Keefer Austin Q1
John H Kehmeier Eckert Q2
Henry Olan Kelsey Delta Q4
Guy Kemp Paonia AD15
John Alger Kemp Paonia Q3
Harry A Kern Hotchkiss Q5
Clarence E Kimbley Delta Q6
Clarence LeRoy King Paonia Q8
Newton King Cederedge Q7
    Private, 14th Field Artillery; entered the service at Omaha, Nebraska, April 10, 1918 to Fort Sill, Oklahoma; discharged at Camp Dodge, Iowa, June 15th, 1919; born August 11th 1882, at Onawa, Iowa; son of John and Mary King of Pender, Nebraska.
Robert E Kirby Delta Q9
Paul Kirkpatrick Paonia Q10
Harry M Kiser Cederedge Q14
Richard E Kistler Delta Q11
Charles Floyd Klatt Paonia Q12
Gustave A Klatt Paonia Q13
Charlie Kohr Paonia AE7
Henry D Kraal Crawford Q16
John H Kraal Crawford Q15
Anton Lackner Bowie R1
Floyd D Lane Delta Q20
Arthur Louis Layden Delta Q18
George Layden Delta Q19
Thomas Floyd Layden Delta Q17
Joseph Leitzsinger Hotchkiss R5
Glen H Lewis Paonia R11
Joseph L Lewis Delta R8
Leland C Lewis Hotchkiss R13
Walter H Lewis Hotchkiss R12
Charles C Linn Hotchkiss R10
Carlton L Lippert Delta R4
Elmer Ellsworth Lorah Hotchkiss R3
Vernon Lloyd Lorah Hotchkiss R2
W J Lorimer Hotchkiss R7
William J Lund Paonia R9
John Sylvester Lundin Paonia R6
Oscar Sallon Major Paonia AE11
George Edwin Mallet Hotchkiss S9
Gavin R. M. Mallett Hotchkiss S12
Arthur Ben Marsh Delta T7
Charles D Martin Delta T4
Joel T. Martin Eckert S10
Paul Martin Delta T5
William Clarence Martin Delta T3
Raymond W Masterman Paonia S8
Harry V Mathews Paonia AE12
Edward M. Maupin Delta S16
William A May Delta S18
Orville K Maynard, Jr Delta S19
Frank A McAllister Paonia AE8
Thomas Franklin McAllister Delta S5
John McCain Delta R20
Charles A McCarthy Delta AE9
Daniel J McCarthy Delta S3
Frederick Wellington McCarthy Delta AD13
William S. McConnell Cederedge R18
Hugh Carson McCune Austin S6
John McCune Cederedge S7
Dalton Ray McDonald Delta T10
Everett McEwen Delta T2
James E McGrady Eckert S4
Sidney J McIntyre Hotchkiss T6
Harry Escol McKisson Delta AE10
Ray L McKnight Hotchkiss S2
Earl L McMichael Paonia S1
Verdie McMillan Hotchkiss T9
Irvin Meacham Delta R17
Victor Meador Hotchkiss R15
William B. Merchant Delta S14
Walter J. Merriam Cederedge S15
Alfred Meserole Delta R16
Luke E Meyer Delta R14
Andrew Franklin Miller Hotchkiss T11
Charles Ralph Miller Hotchkiss T1
David Ray Miller Delta T8
Ulysses Grant Miller Hotchkiss S17
Walter J Miller Delta R19
Walter H. Miller Delta S11
August H Misfelt Delta S20
John H Munro Delta S13
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