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Delta County, Colorado

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Numie Francis Neal Delta T16
Joseph M Nelson Paonia T15
Roger Nelson Delta T12
Lloyd S Nix Austin T14
Fred A Nutting Paonia T13
Phillip A Obergfell Delta U8
Private, Company F. Infantry; son of Mrs. Anna Draper of Roubideau, Colorado; born at Delta, Colorado, August 21st, 1894; entered the service at Colorado Agricultural College, Fort Collins, Colorado, June 14th, 1918; discharged at Camp Forrest, Georgia, December 18th, 1918.
Albert B O'Connor Delta U5
Leo James O'Connor Delta U6
E E Odom Delta T18
Marvin Franklin Odom Delta T17
James W Oliver Delta U7
Walter Elbert Oliver Delta T19
Ethan Harvey Orell Paonia U1
Robert Quincy Orell Paonia T20
Lloyd W Overbay Delta U3
William H Overbay Delta U2
Frances A Owen Paonia U4
Oscar Pacheco Crawford AE13
Raynor J Packard Eckert P10
Everett B Palacio Delta P8
Donald O Patton Hotchkiss P1
Leonard A Pauley Delta AD12
Theodore F Pauley Delta AE14
Elmer W Paulicheck Paonia P7
Private, 30th Infantry, 3rd Division; son of V ne   (sorry the type is rubbed out) and Millie Paulicheck of Denver, Colorado; born September 12th, 1893; entered the service October 3rd, 1917 landed overseas July 7th, 1918; took part in the engagements oat Marne, Vesle, Satin Hill, Argonne, France, being wounded in the latter battle, October 10th, 1918; discharged at Camp Dodge, Iowa, August 9th, 1919.
Clarence W Payton Hotchkiss U16
Herbert Neely Peck Delta P13
Adoph Gustave Pelz Delta U15
Harold Arlington Pember Cederedge P11
Earl Leslie Penfield Hotchkiss U11
Melvin H Penfield Hotchkiss U12
Leo Perkins Cederedge P12
Arthur L Peterson Delta P2
Eugene Sylvester Peterson Cederedge P3
Adolph Petmechey Delta P4
Marlin C Petmechey Delta P5
Frank Pfiel Delta P6
Henry E Phillips Delta U14
Rudolph F Pittsinger Read U17
Edward D Plantz Delta U9
Nathaniel Plantz Delta U10
Horace D Plumb Delta U13
C A Pollard Delta P9
Urban J Posthuma Delta P15
James A Poundstone Delta U18
Frances Darrell Powell Hotchkiss U20
G A Pratt AE15
Harry Edwin Price Delta P14
Richard I Price Delta U19
Richard Clarence Raber Delta W11
Goran Will Raichart Delta W8
James Rasmussen Delta P20
John A Ratekin Cederedge P17
Roy E Ratekin Cederedge P18
William E Ratekin Cederedge P19
Second Lieutenant, 32nd Infantry, 16th Division; son of J. B. and Martha Ratekin of Cedaredge, Colorado; born at the present residence of his parents, April 10th, 1896; entered the service July 27th, 1917 at Camp Kearny, California; to Corporal, November 1, 1917; commissioned as Second Lieutenant at Camp Fremont, California, August 26th, 1918; discharged at place of entering service, December 4th, 1918.
E B Redman Paonia W15
Roe A Redman Paonia W16
Glen Reese Crawford X1
Charles A Reiggles Crawford W4
John Francis Reilly Paonia AD11
Carl A Reinks Paonia W7
George Reynolds Paonia W18
William Roy Rice Crawford W5

Private, Company K, 308th Infantry, 77th Division; son of William G. and Matilda Rice of Crawford, Colorado; entered the service at Camp Cody, New Mexico, May 26th, 1918; discharged at Fort D. A. Russell, Wyoming, May 24th, 1919.

William Allen Richards Delta W3
Stanley Richardson Delta P16
Edgar Gustave Riehl Hotchkiss W9
Lawrence Rinehart Cedaredge W12
Louis Roeber Paonia W10
Leonard B Rogers Delta W2
Earl Roth Paonia W20
Harold E Rowbotham Cedaredge W19
George Rush Hotchkiss W1
Ross Rusler Delta AD10
James H Ryan W13
Walter Thomas Ryan Delta W14
Frank Sanders Delta AA12
Robert Sanders Delta X7
William Oscar Sanderson Crawford AB15
Clarence M Sandifer Paonia AA1
Edward D Sandifer Paonia X5
Louis L Sands Cedaredge X9
Eugene W Sayre Delta W17
Royce A Sayre Delta AA11
Henry Schoneman Paonia AA14
Arthur Gregg Scott Hotchkiss AB19
Max Hall Scott Hotchkiss X11
Richard Frank Seaton Cedaredge AB3
Louis E Seicrest Delta AA8
William E Seicrest Delta AA9
Earl Gregg Shaffer Delta AB20
Captain, Medical Corps; son of Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Shaffer of Denver, Colorado; born August 5th, 1878 at Bedford, Iowa; entered the service at Fort Riley, Kansas, April 3rd, 1918; to Captain, May 8th, 1919; discharged at Fort D. A. Russell, Wyoming, June 29th, 1919.
Charles Allen Shaw Hotchkiss AB14
Clarence B Shaw Hotchkiss X4
Wesley E Shearer Cedaredge X14
John Evans Sheets Delta AB13
Lawrence C Sheffield Delta X18
Warren Nathaniel Shelledy Austin X13
Paul Doyle Shelton Austin AB4
William Ray Shipley Delta AA3
Roy W Shual Delta AA5
Stewart Sipma Crawford AA4
Arthur B Slack Lazcar X19
Charles F Slatten Hotchkiss AB5
Robert L Slatten Hotchkiss AB6
Carl Smith Delta X2
Charles W Smith Delta AD9
Fred W Smith Delta AD8
LeRoy E Smith AE16
L A Smock Delta AA2
Harold D Snider Delta AA13
Silas H Southall Delta AB10
Robert Earl Sparks Delta AA16
William Spears Hotchkiss AB2
Arthur P Starr Austin AB7
Frederick Stell Eckert AA15
Albert Stephens Delta AB17
Will J Stephens Delta X8
Clarence Stephenson Delta X6
Frank E Stevens Delta AB16
Ernest LeRoy Stewart Delta AA7
George Stewart Delta AB1
Hamilton Stewart Delta AA6
John Stithem Crawford AB18
Private, 6th Company, Coast Artillery Corps; son of John A. and Sarah I. Stithem of Crawford, Colorado; born at Hinsdale, Colorado, August 22nd, 1895; entered the service at Fort McArthur, California, October 24th, 1918; discharged at the place of entering service on December 19th, 1918.
Charles W Stocker Delta AB8
Paul A Stout Paonia AA10
Cecil John Stowell Cedaredge X20
Arthur S Strasser Hotchkiss X12
Frank W Stubbs Delta X17
Sumner S Stubbs Delta X16
Cecil G Sullivan Paonia X3
Henry Arthur Sutherland Delta X15
Leonard E Sweitzer Delta AB12
Paul F Sweitzer Delta AB11
Paul W Swisher Hotchkiss AB9
Ray Sylvester Hotchkiss X10
Winfred C Taylor Paonia Z3
Charles E Thomas Hotchkiss AA20
Clarence A Thompson Hotchkiss Z4
Martin E Thorp Delta Z2
Samuel Tilley Read AE17
William Emerson Tinkler Delta AE18
Hugh S Tinnin Hotchkiss Z6
Oscar L Tolle Paonia AA17
Frank H Trechter Delta Z1
Walker LeValle Tunnell Paonia Z5
Henry Turner Eckert AA19
William Earl Turner Cedaredge AA18
James Herbert Underwood Paonia Z7
Coe L Van Deren Paonia Z8
George Van Engen Crawford Z10
William Joe Vela Eckert Z9
George Winget Waite Cedaredge Z19
George O Walker Hotchkiss AC7
Pearl H Walker Delta Z16
Roy Walker Delta Z17
Frank P Walsh Cedaredge Y9
Raymond Walsh Y8
William W Walsh Cedaredge Y7
Paul Calvin Ward Cedaredge Y12
John Warren Delta Z18
Everett Watson Delta AC5
Walter W Wattenberger Read AC3
Manie Emory Watts Delta Y16
George W Wayman Cedaredge Y13

Private, 78th Company 6th Marine, attached to 2nd Division; son of Charles Wayman, deceased, and Mrs. E. M. Wayman Lane of Salinas, California; born January 24th, 1895 at Cedaredge, Colorado; entered the service February 5th, 1918; at Mare Island, California; landed overseas May 8th, 1918; fought in battles of Chateau Thierry, Verdun and St. Mihiel; discharged in June 1919 at Salinas, California.

Harry W Wayman Cedaredge Y14

Private, 78th Company, 6th Marines, attached to 2nd Division; son of Charles Wayman, deceased, and Mrs. Effie Wayman Lane of Salanas [sic] California; born October 9th, 1892 at Aspen, Colorado; entered the service February 5th, 1918 at Mare Island, California; landed overseas May 8th, 1918; fought in the battles of Chateau Thierry, Verdun and St. Mihiel, wounded during latter battle, September 15th, 1918; died in Germany November 1st, 1918.

Glen R Welch Delta AC8
Linton Welch Delta Z20
Harry Wells Delta Z15
Abram Earl Welty Cedaredge Z13
Howard Welty Cedaredge Z14
Paul DeWitt Welty Cedaredge Z12
William McKinley Wenger Eckert AC6
Joe West Paonia Y11
Silas West Paonia Y10
Charles H Wetterich Cedaredge Z11
Charles F White Delta Y4
Frank White Cedaredge Y1
Harry A White Delta Y3
Walter F White Delta Y2
Mark Whitney Paonia AD6
Robert Whitney Paonia AC2
Robert W Whitney Paonia AD7
Paul Frueman Williams Delta Y15
Alfred Willis Delta Y17
Frank B Willis Paonia Y19
James Bruce Willis Delta Y18
Alfred L Wilson Delta AC16
Commodore K Wilson Crawford AC14
Earl Wilson Delta AC11
Earl Wilson Paonia AC12
Edward O Wilson Crawford AC18
Harry A Wilson Austin AC13
Isaac T Wilson Crawford AC15
Ralph Wilson Paonia AC17
Ernest A Winter, Jr Paonia Y5
Gordon Francis Wisoner Delta AC4
William J Wonders Delta Y6
Charles B Woodring Delta Y20
Virgil W Woolen Paonia AC19
Eugene Wubben Paonia AC9
Horace J Wubben Paonia AC10
Earl D Wyatt Delta AC1
Francis D Yeager Delta AC20
Alfred B Young Delta AD3
Dr. R A Young Paonia AD1
Homer J Young Eckert AD5
John H Young Hotchkiss AD4
Lorraine Ray Young Delta AE20
Mrs.Margaret Young AE19
Ernest Dee Youngblood Delta AD2


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